custom shoe maker miami

Or so my wife says. They are comfy.
Fit a little tight. Cute prints
Delivery was on time and happy with the shape and fit of the cap. The look of the cap is as shown.
The magnet is strong, which is why we ordered it
These shorts are comfortable and lightweight, and good looking in a sporty kind of way. They have plenty of pockets and a slim nylon belt that adjusts easily and holds it's position. I like tham so much I bought a second pair.
Great Jeans, third pair, never a problem.
Great wallet!!! It was a gift for Christmas to my brother and I think he really like it
Second pair I bought. Great product
This is my second time buying this wallet, the first one lasted me 5 years when I broke the plastic tab. It is by far my favorite style wallet. Very compact and convenient. Gives a unique look and makes it more enjoyable to get out my cards.... I guess thats not a good thing though haha
Slightly smaller than I thought.
Hubby says they are the most comfortable socks ever!
I've had this bag since November and the strap broke on me this week. That was very upsetting because I loved this bag and used it every day. I hope to try to find a way to fix it.
I love the color. The material is a bit rough. But I'm hoping that will change after a was with fabric softener. I'm returning this set for a larger size I bout 2 sets in different sizes to see which one works better. For the price you can't beat it. I will be buying more in the near future.
So far these earrings have stayed and my daughter has not pulled the backs off. Her ears haven't had any issues with the material of the earrings.
Very pleased!
These are the good kind of t-shirts. They can go through multiple washes and stay white. The 100% cotton ones always turn gray. These outlast the ones that you normally find in the stores! I'd highly recommend these for anyone with hard water (or who has trouble keeping white clothes white).
The moment I opened the package and tried this on I immediately grabbed my phone and ordered another pack. This is THE undershirt I have been looking for. I am 6'3" and very OCD about undershirts staying tucked in and this goes down to the top of my thighs. I am also OCD about the shirt fitting tight and not being noticeable through the outer layer and this undershirt is perfect in that regard. You will not be disappointed.
These are really thin shirts. Very good for the price tho.
I bought these socks because I was waking up in the night and would not be able to stand on my left foot. After much research I found that it was probably plantar fasciitis. One of the easy solutions was to wear compression socks at night. That did not sound like fun. These socks are short, comfortable, cool, plus provide compression for the bottom of my foot. They work perfectly. Have not had problem since I got them. Easy to put on and my feet do not get hoy at night. Love them!
These socks are way too thick on the bottom.
Little and discrete
Great polarized lenses, they are cool looking and they protect my eyes perfectly. Exqusite design, nice deal.
Very soft and comfortable
fit well, waist may have been a little big but wears a belt so was ok. Length was correct, measure with shoes as tried on without and looked like they were going to be too long but with shoes they were good, have washed them and they wash nice.
the sleeves seem to be longer than normal
Looks really similar to the real thing! Pretty durable and adjustable!
Great for occasions when you go light // excellent for the price
I love the purse but when I got it one of the top handles was broke I did figure out how to fix it so I'm using it The blue is great I only have it 4 stars because was damaged but I figured it out
Idk how sturdy it is since it came already bent (bottom right in photo)... but it's cute though.
Very comfortable very durable