Custom Sneaker of the Week 10/18/2019 DEPOT BATTLE

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Happy Friday Mother Flowers!

I'm really excited that due to popular demand (all 7 of you lol) that wanted us to bring back the Depot Battle. YOU NOW HAVE SOMETHING TO LIVE FOR!

So this week we're pitting 5 of you glorious sneaker Customizing bastards against each other to see who will be crowned this weeks best custom sneaker!

The 5 customizers with a brief description of what was done go in no particular order (or at least from the page that i'm looking at I HOLD NO BIAS since I'm not voting and its up to you the voter, not kenny)

1- MattBcustoms - Nike AF1 _CartoonFreestyle - Abstract checkmark and painting

2- NikoSwoosh - Kanagawa Swoosh - the pink wave custom painted nike AF1

3- Lacedby_liv - 90's Cartoon Nike Air Max 90's - Rugrats theme

4- StarlineCustoms - Freestyle Kaws Nike AF1 - DUH! it has the kaws eyes on it!

5- CustomsByBB - Nike Air Max 1 "Tie Dye" - The really colorful one!

I will be creating seperate posts for these so by golly go check the links above to see them separately.

Please be sure to vote below for whom you will be choosing as well as showing us love on the internets and letting your friends know what we're doing here!


diy enclosed shoe rack

  • Josh

    Tried to vote for Starline twice but it keeps clicking on the liv one!
    It won’t let me click Starline

  • Sally

    It’s not letting me leave my email?! I vote for Starline customs Kaws

  • Kaitlyn

    Starline customs! Fr

  • Brian

    Kaws ftw

  • Jay

    Sick but starlinecustoms are just on another level

diy enclosed shoe rack

Nice t-shirt for someone below the 50th percentile of height.
Perfect fit and Great price
It's a nice, lightweight bag, with plenty of compartments. But it's too large for me. I'm looking for a smaller purse with a built-in wallet. I guess I didn't read the description carefully enough.
The band is fine but they are a little tight around the groin, not enough to be a problem, but I tend to prefer looser boxers
Great pricing for quantity and variety.
I like this product. It is very helpful for me in the cold weather as I have a very sensitive nose. Thank you
Buena Tela
Cheap, fits to size, covers my fatness in the gym. What more could I ask for?

*I have in no way, shape or form been compensated for this review*
Loved this product! We bought several!
Love it fits great looks great!
small but can fit a lot of stuff in it.
They look like in the picture and they are cute!
Husband loves them!
9 year old Grdtr wanted a turtle for her birthday which Im not purchasing, so I thought this would be a nice little addition to her birthday package. She loves them. Shes a May baby so I thought the green gems on earrings suited her!
the socks were just as expected- good fit, thick with reinforced heel and toe.
The previous backpack (a different brand) only lasted two weeks. This one has lasted a few months and still going strong even in the hands of a 6th grader. Thank you!
 Feels like the item is made from cheap plastic. Lens does not fit in frame. Comfortable on the head/ears.
Can't wait for it to "break in" with use. Love the bull logo!
the crown on this cap is way to big. it really is hit and miss with this brand.
Love the color.. got it for a gift
Bought this to replace My husbands old wallet and we are both thrilled with how well made it is and how much it holds! There are many compartments for credit and business cards and yet once filled is still slim enough to fit into a pocket.
Durable and comfortable and fit great!
It's a beautiful wallet. Also big with alot of pockets
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item broke after just a month and half of wearing. do not buy
I love them with my other Versace collection
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Husband loves the quality of these boxer briefs.