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To all of you who voted in the DepotBattle for season 2 week 1 give yourselves a round of applause!  You beautiful bast$rds! I really appreciate the love and support that you are giving not only us but the overwhelming support you are giving other customizers.  Please give it up for yourselves.  To all of the customizers that participated ((against their will might I add)To all of you again, MattBCustoms, LacedBy_liv, StarlineCustoms, NikoSwoosh, and CustomsByBB Thank you so much for being receptive to the idea of being on our post) please do not fret about not winning but keep in mind that this just tells you that there are people out there that support the work that you do and we are thankful that our platform can help you realize that. 
This was crazy and not in any way close at all!  LacedBy_Liv with her 90's themed Cartoons Rugrats Custom painted Nike Air Max 90's takes this weeks honors of being the DepotBattle's Season 1 week 1 winner for the best custom sneaker of the week. Shout out to all of her fans out there that voted in on this and made this possible.
Also please give it up to everyone else.  They did amazing jobs with their custom hand painted sneakers.  
With that here is a picture dump of the DepotBattle best custom sneaker of the week S2W1.
I would like to again thank everyone that made season 2 week 1 possible and a reality and please if you have any questions or want to participate in any capacity with us over here at please hit us up!  we will be waiting for you to contact us!

diy white shoe polish

First pair of Ray-Bans! The quality appears authentic. I have been an Oakley guy for about the past ten years, but as I find myself getting a little older I wanted something classier. These Wayfarer glasses certainly fit the bill. Great pair of glasses for the buck.
Bought for twin girls. They look adorable
Good Product!
These shirts are just too snug to be xtra Lrg. Also they feel too rough and scratchy, not terrible, but not too cool and comfortable in Texas heat either. My size , abt 5 11" 175 lb should be able to wear an XL .
Unneeded a new wallet and holds all my cards which is awesome. Great product.
Great athletic socks.
Picture does not match what was sent. I was expecting ankle socks and got shin socks. I was very disappointed.
Fit very well. I have no complaints.
My friend was very happy with her gift
Seller did not specify slim fit. Shirt fits too small and not true to size
They are perfect for my 2 yo
I rarely use these as an actual bathing suit as its advertised. However, in the water they feel great and out and about or at work they do the job of comfortable khaki shorts that I can also wear to play golf in. I will say that if you wear them as much as I do, the seams will start to fall apart and get weak, so they typically last me about a year. Overall, these are great shorts. The only complaint is what I mentioned about the seams.
Bien para la playa, calor del verano y para ir a un resort
I have a wide face and these fit me just right. They feel like good quality but only time can tell how long they last. Will definitely order more with these prices.
Very durable, and Im trust me Im a big guy, I need something with support and these works great !! Buying again and spreading the word to family and friends, thank you again !
Ive owned a bunch of wallets and this is by far my favorite.
Nothing wrong with hat. I wanted a female hat. The tip sticks out too far, is not feminine
I bought this wallet as a birthday gift, and my friend was delighted with it.
The clips started losing their grip after about a month.
This became my favorite belt right away. Very pliable with an already broken-in feel and not too stiff like some new belts. My pant size is 36" and as recommended, this 38" size is perfect.
Durable, ajustable y cmodo
So many pockets but worth the buy! The color is absolutely amazing and its high quality.
These are medium weight. They look expensive. Love the weight of these. The size makes them also look more expensive. More on the smaller size not so large and costume looking. Very pretty choice if you are looking for an every day rose gold earring with some style.
Fit well and used it for Halloween costume! Good quality for the price!
Nothing like I expected. Extremely cheap looking.
These are very nice leggings. Adorable designs, quality fabric, well made and durable, great variety of colors and patterns. I got 4T for my almost 4 year old and most of her clothes right now is 4T.

Out of the package these ran a little longer and wider fitting than Carter's, which I normally buy. After initial wash, they shrank a bit. Fits better but still looser. My daughter is on the slim side so there is room and some length to grow.

Overall good leggings and daughter really likes the colors and patterns and finds them comfortable.
wayyy too small...ive got 36s in other pairs...but this was choaking. ill have to lose 10 lbs to fit...
I bought this for my cousin for Christmas. He loved it. I think its a pretty cool tie. I love Star Wars.
Came bent right from the box