Usual jeans
The bracelets are adorable and an Awesome gift
My only problem......
The bracelets are stainless steel and should not tarnish
Why would you not also have the links holding the charms of the same material?
The hoop holding the charms are already starting to tarnish
Perfect size wallet. Holds all the essentials and the magnet is really strong.
fits good
Completely as shown, it seems to be of high quality. This material is a soft, elegant imitation leather. It feels very durable so far. I like this backpack. I use it every day and bring what I need every day. Everything, the leather material is very soft, the zipper is easy to slide, the interior is spacious, I might use more colors to get it
Exactly what I hoped for. A small, thin, RFID-blocking wallet that's able to hold all the cards I need in addition to some cash. There's no uncomfortable bulge in the pocket, I've worried a few times that I forgot my wallet because I can't feel it. Excellent!
I have a hard time finding socks these days for a man with a size 8 foot. All of them seem to be 9-12 making them too big. These socks fit his foot but they are thin. Bought 4 packages and just wish they were thicker and had padding on the heal and toe area.
Perfect fit and very soft.
Nice product
It looks more like a dark, solid brown in real life. Good wallet, though.
As I expected the seems over the shoulders are a bit off but then Ive yet to find a shirt that doesnt have that problem for me.

Overall a great quality and as I bought this during prime day it cost me the same as every other shirt like this I own and they are exactly the same quality which is very nice though different makers. I highly recommend the shirt but you really do need to get it on sale!!
Very good quality at this price, nothing much to complain.
This is perfect! My cards are all secured and safe. Perfect size for my purse. Unbelievable price !
It's a beautiful bag, but it smells very bad, very bad.
Great stuff. Would buy it again.
These were great and fit really well, however, they were a Christmas gift and one pair has already fallen apart. Unfortunately, I bought a second pack already a month later and now I'm just waiting for those to fall apart too. It's a shame. They are really nice underwear just not the quality I expected.
I bought this belt for one specific reason, to prevent exposing the crack of my ass to the women I work with. After weeks of draftness, this belt saved the day from day 1. If you need to keep your pants at your waistline, this wide leather belt really does the trick.
Purchased the 38/34 for my husband and though they fit him good I was surprised how very thin the material was compared to other Levis jeans weve purchased in the past. Wasnt at all comparable in quality.
Love it, it is great to have two separate compartments. One compartment has lots of room for your credit cards, medical cards, drivers license (all of the important things) and then the other compartment can be used for cash, receipts etc. It is small enough to fit in any of my purses and big enough that I can carry it in my hand if I do not want to carry a purse.
I ordered 6.5 inches because 7.0 is usually too big for me. I didnt measure this bracelet but it is definitely smaller than 6.5 because it was way too small and did not fit. I sent it back. It was very pretty, though.
Perfect match to the purse.
It has a very small profile with lots of compartments...worked out well holding euro's, ID's and credit cards...
This is really pretty, and plenty of room for everything.
The fit in the butt is way saggy!
I find myself pulling my pants up all the time. My other older pair does not fit like these.
These are decent. Serve their purpose as something to keep your glasses in. The material isn't as soft and micro fiber as you'd expect. Be careful using it to clean glasses. And the draw string is poorly made. Mine unraveled after a few weeks.
A little shallow.
Had better shorts, price is real good. Other products are awesome.
I like the fit
The socks are supposed to go over the calf, but they are simply too tight on a normal-sized foot and leg. Not usable. If you have very skinny legs they might work..