I purchased the grey, but in person it almost looks black so the web image is not that accurate. Nevertheless the belt is nice, time will tell how it holds up to wear. By the way, I have a high resolution Mac which displays millions of colors so it is usually pretty accurate.
When buying these I thought it would be like every other pair of sunglasses out there, they say its polarized and when you get them they really aren't. But these pair are polarized and have been sat on and still work great.
Cheap material that's already discolored and fraying.
My Mom loves it!!!!
These little children's underwear are very pretty the designs are all different but I am extremely disappointed that there's only six and the package says you're supposed to be seven I took them out and counted ,and they are missing one so you owe me a pair of little girls underwear!
free shipping
I bought this purse for my mother, and my daughter wanted it too. It is gorgeous. It is pretty big, but I highly recommend, and I have one on my list for myself in another color. (We bought white w/flower design.)
I wear a size 13 shoe, so really appreciate crew socks that are available in larger sizes, which these Dickies socks are. They fit very well and are not too tight above the ankles. I do follow washing instructions. Turn them inside out to wash, which both reduces sock lint initially and after wearing. I was used to this because I hike and almost all my high-end hiking socks recommend it. The socks cushion well. There has been no shrinking that I could detect. The socks handle moisture very well. As for durability, it is too soon to tell, but they seem to be well-made. All this said and the decent price lead me to order another 6 pairs right now!
Like the pants, they fit like I thought they would and had no fading problems after a few washes.
I bought this for my 5 year old son. He loves it. It is sturdy and he loves the different features. The watch can take a lot of banging.
The price was really good on these, so I bought 2.
They shipped fine and all, but, there are one strange line across the front on both. So in essence the are blem sweat shirts, and the seller decided this wasnt important, and it explains why they were cheap. They are thick and warm, but would only wear if Im working around the house.
Bummed they are blems, It is, what it is, would buy this in a store in the future to avoid the line across the front. 2 stars.
Good quality. Fits just right
I carry it in the Summer time. I use it as a cross body bag when I go shopping. It holds everything I carry .
Great little gift for a graduating nurse. She loves the gift and it looked beautiful.
My kids love these... a new fad? Cheap enough to stay with this fad than most others haha
Great fabric, fit, and launders well!
Outstanding and Comfortable need I say more!!! Going to order them in black...
When washed they shrunk a lot.
LOVE. Get these leggings! I am a Victorias Secret lover, but lately they have been see-through and too expensive!! These leggings feel like silk, tuck your tummy, and they are not see-through at all! got size M! I could live in them and have already ordered 4 different colors lol.
Very good quality sweatshirt and fit great!!
Good product for the price.
Great value
I bought this because its rfid and recently I had fraud on a credit card because of someone reading my card and making a new card. So I put my cards in and then trying to get them out is not always easy. I usually just carry my keys and my wristlet with cards inside or in my pocket so Its kind of redundant to use this and then put them in a wristlet. When in my pocket it was okay but I really wish it had a whole to put on my key chain or a wristlet strap. Im not sure if the rfid works but other reviews had said it did so Im trusting those reviews and trying to keep my cards safe.
Very poor and cheap quality. Color description was way off. Almost had like a glitter look to it. Needless to say I returned it.
My Granddaughters are going through a little Emo / Goth / (whatever they call it this generation) phase and they love these chains. Buy two, clip them together, hang them from your belt loops and there you have it!! Very 1983 Cool Guy Judd Nelson in Breakfast Club image..... I just worry that the fingerless gloves are next!!

But high quality, surprisingly well made for the price and they make my girls happy so they are excellent!
One of the packs that I ordered contained 3 large which is what I ordered and one XXL pair of underwear. The product itself is great.....I just cant wear one pair
Nice, soft, not too thick socks. Im a mom and like these for myself. Fun and comfortable.