My husband is 6'1" and has a lanky build. These pant legs were huge. Absolutely wide and huge. They are not made for thinner men, in my opinion.
I thought it would have been thicker
I was not expecting it to look the way it did the pictures didn't show it well I wasn't impressed by the design but it was a secret santa gift for a coworker so I kept it.
Update (6/10/20): After seeing my review the company reached out to me & offered a free replacement for the glasses I wanted, I wasnt expecting it but they were delivered as promised, I love them... Glasses are nice & affordable... Any business that does good business deserves more business... I placed an order immediately for a pair of womans sunglasses from Sungait...

Despite purchasing the wrong frame & lense (day/night) I love them nonetheless. I wear them whenever Im driving without worrying about headlight/sun glare. Definitely purchasing another for the wife...
It feels wonderful on my finger and is really high quality! I am a silver coin collector and know and recognize high quality silver and this is smooth on my finger and their sizing is perfect! I went to jewelry store first to size my finger and they are spot on perfect!
These shorts were great! They are very light and you dont even notice you are wearing them while you are running. I did 5 miles in them last night with no issues. I will be buying more pairs in more colors for sure.
I should have looked at the reviews before I bought these. While they are a good size for a man's handkerchief, they are very stiff and scratchy. When I washed them it did not change the scratchiness and they came out so wrinkled up the I couldn't even iron them out. Don't waste your money on these.
At these prices for genuine Levi's quality, what can I say? Excellent quality material, crafstmenship, cut & fit. You would pat more than 3x in the Levi's retail stores for the same thing.
All was good and as expected.
Girlfriend loves necklace!!
Son need to keep warm.
Very nice bag. I didn't want to get the full size because it looked so big and I would fill it with junk-so I opted for the mini. It holds a lot more than you expect and forms to your body nicely. I love how easy and accessible the pockets are.
Fabric thickness is right, fit is right, double stitched, neat workmanship. I have nothing bad to say about these undershirts, they were exactly what I was looking for.
Glad I looked on Amazon rather than going to the store. They fit great and look great.
Definitely exceeded my expectations. Amazing cut and clarity!
looks like leather. perfect size. only complaint is the the bottom liner piece doesn't stay in place. otherwise good value.
My glasses are 138mm wide, so I just went with medium according to the vendor's size guide. Fits pretty well.

I was wondering why everything on my phone looked weird until I realized it's probably because these sunglasses are polarized.

For some reason these sunglasses attract lint like crazy. I keep mine in the glove compartment, which is also where I keep pilfered Starbucks napkins, which must be where all the fuzzies come from. I should probably get a case or something.
Stiff until broken in, but stretch during break in to fit you.
Though the size is right, It's still a little too large for me. And guess what! I found a candy wrapper in the pocket! That's too bad!
Handles began to peel. The handles rubbed black markings onto the purse. Other than that it served its purpose. Was done with it within a month.
Good quality very nice
So pretty
I love this bracelett. It's well made. Great price too! 5 stars
Great sunglasses at a great price
Bought for Christmas present. Beautiful and great buy. Looks like one of the more expensive wallets
Love this handbag. Very cute and goes with nearly everything.
The olive color and styling were nice. The material felt cheap and made my head very hot. I returned it.
Grip6 promises to deliver a minimalist belt - but in practice this translates itself into a ultralight, thin, durable and shiny (but not too much). What's not to like?!

Got three of them: black and blue (for work, depending on the mood) and an orange for more casual outings.
never again different color and also after you wear them it get so big and loss not comfy at all
The hat looks great and feels nice. Just took a while to get to me.