This is a very good products recommended by a patient love love love it and also Great as a gift.
I like the quality of the fabric. Gives a nice look while wearing it. Material is thicker so you dont get that super thin tight fitting material as with some other polos. I prefer the thicker material for a better look. The only issue I have is how damn large the collar is. Cmon Izod!! Fix the collar!
These socks are so cute! They look just like a tray of sushi. My daughter loves them and bought them as a gift for her friend. The socks are very cute too.
Do the job and not too bulky
Great quality belt. Except for the piece that hold the buckle on. Broke in 2 days.
Super cute high quality
Good product
Very comfortable - soft and breath well.
Perfect for autism awareness
Very comfortable. The rise could be a little taller.
I've heard they keep you dry and their cheap but that being said its like wearing and oversized tyvex suit. Very uncomfortable and it doesn't breathe at all. My wife's first reaction seeing me in it was to laugh. Sent it back
I have yet to use the purse but there are a number area of where the stitching is undone , i plan on contacting the seller to see about the possibility of exchanging it .
I have worn a lot of underwear in my day. Boxers, Briefs, Boxer Briefs, Fashion jocks.... different scenarios call for different uniforms. I recently started a new job, labor intensive, outdoors, limited access to restroom and general basic amenities most folks use every day, so i needed something that can withstand some pretty heavy use and be easy to clean. Didn't want to spend a bunch of money on underwear that is going to tear when im working while kneeling, getting worn out by constant movement, or just having to be tossed from something stabbing, tearing, or friction burning through my clothes. I wanted something cheap and simple that i can just throw into the wash with some bleach and know they will come out clean. These are doing the trick. They are by no means sexy.... unless you're into the "tighty whitie" look, as many are, but they are simple and functional and that what i wanted from my work undies.
Quality is comparable to Hanes and Fruit of the Loom. Fit is a little inconsistent. In the pack of 7, i probably for 3 or 4 different fits, but none were uncomfortable.

Im calling them my "burners"
Beautiful ring fits perfect.
These are crap, plain and simple! The shirts shrunk 3 sizes, two of the six have torn at the top of the sleeve, and the remainder of the 4 are now used as rags!! WILL NOT EVER BUY FROM HERE AGAIN...
One of the snaps fell off the garment while I was removing it from the plastic bag. Another (the fly!) fell off the next day.
Great baseball belt and comfortable while playing. Used it every game and no tear on it.
Hard to set the clock. No instructions on how to set the time. There are instructions on how to use other features. For my 6 year old it didn't matter to her but its frustrating that the time isn't correct.
really good product
Cute bag
Bottoms are way too large. My daughter wears 24 months in this brand and the 18 month suit bottoms literally fell off of her. The top would have worked but the top and bottom sizes were off.
Perfect fit
Love it
very pleased with this shirt!
Great color (I got the green one). Is holding up well. Looks very stylish for the price!
These are nice glasses, they probably fit a slightly smaller head than mine a bit better but I havent used them running yet, I may be grateful for the grip.

I have just used them for a long hot run. Stayed on my face, completely forgot they were there. Very happy with them.
Wonderful bag, I was worried the grey color had a little brown tint to it but it does not. Its the perfect color. Holds lots even though its very slim.
The glasses are not bad, but its really short, i had to bend it a little bit cause its not even close to getting behind my ear
Versatile jacket and has areas you can adjust
This is the second batch of these socks I've bought. They fit well and are durable.