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I love this purse so much!
Soft, comfortable, and good fit.
These socks are far too small and too tight for me. I have an 11 shoe size, these were so small I gave them to my wife to wear. I compared them to my old Hanes Walmart socks, and they are almost 2/3rds the size.
The ring is absolutely beautiful I think its more pretty in person then actually on the video! You literally cant go wrong with this ring! Im in loveee
Fit comfortably and a great value. I'll be buying more!
I'm a big guy and standard 4xl fits me just fine, maybe a bit lose. I knew this wasn't going to work when I took it out of the package. I check the label and it did say 4xl but I couldn't even get it on. Maybe a large or even medium. It looks nice and I'd love to wear it but the size is way off! Beware.
Fine quality, plenty of places for cards and money, but there is nothing slim about this wallet.
Absolutely what I expected plus! The case is not a flimsy one, love em
Great fit (I go up a size with Hanes) and love the vivid color. Wish it was just a little longer. I like the comfort of a hoodie hanging down a bit further than just a few inches below my waist. But at $12.50 this is a steal.
Amazing quality for the price! I am buying more!
Great cheap hoodie. I use this as my outer layer when bowhunting from a blind. Very comfortable and quiet which is what I need.
I have owned these socks for four months. I am highly satisfied with how they have held up. I am a delivery driver and am on my feet 10+ hours a day 4 days a week. I like these socks because they breathe, the cushioning on the bottom of each sock has held its shape, and they DONT ROLL DOWN! The only con is that there is severe lint-ing the first few wears. I would recommend putting these socks through a couple wash and dry cycles to get some of the lint down.
Great socks at a great price! You cant go wrong!
I love this purse.
Great product great fit very comfortable
I've bought these before in other colors. Good quality good price. Jeff is a genius!
Very pleased with the sweatshirt! Thank you!
This purse is in great condition for the price. It's mostly dark grey but when it catches the light, it gives off a wide variety of colors. People keep commenting on it and asking where I got it, even when it's just dark grey because of the geometric look of it. It's a very unique bag. It also holds a good amount of stuff. I love it. I would buy it in other purse styles definitely.
I love it!!
I liked the product I loved the red shirt I bought one for my husband and for my son
My daughter loved this watch. Fits comfortably
Super warm and great quality. Better than I expected.
Had no expectations when I bought them. The socks feel great.
Great socks!
My new Wrangler jeans fit correct and are very nice looking. They also are very comfortable and will purchase more.
the pictures make it look like this is a full size bag.IT IS NOT A child can use this but not an adult
I ordered 1 size bigger and they did shrink a little after wash and dry.
I got these to keep my glasses from getting knocked around while rock climbing and they are great. Works well for my narrow plastic frame glasses, probably would hold on to wire frames as well. I've used them a few times so far for climbing and some yard work and they really do the job. Comfortable too, and the string isn't so long that it's dangling down your back and getting in the way.
These were the perfect choice for encouraging final results in potty training. Light weight and soft.
Perfect fit and comfortable
I dont like having to draga full size wallt around when wearing a pair of summer shorts and working. I am glad I found this product which fits the need perfectly!