diy shed kit wood

very good
I love Gold Toe socks always wear them they are Great
165 lbs and 5'10". i like it to fit a little loose for mobility but it doesn't make me look like I'm wearing my dads clothes. Seems on shoulder sits about an inch past my shoulder and the wrist band fits perfectly on wrist without restricting circulation. i did cut a slit in the neck so it would sit loosely around my neck.
Great size and color but the interior pocket zipper already broke. Disappointing manufacturing quality.
very good going to get more soon thank you
A bit Shiny but does the job
Great socks, nice and breathable. Dont bunch up at the heel or toe. The top elastic band is a bit tight (I have what I consider to be average size calves)- not enough that I notice it while wearing them, but enough that it leaves a dent when I take them off after wearing them all day long. But the comfort and airflow more than makes up for it.
Nice purse and very roomy as well. Holds my 10 inch Fire just fine. Well designed and Functional.
Wow! What a great selection of all kinds of earrings. I knew these earrings were cheap, but I don't wear expensive earrings because I tend to lose them. I haven't had any problems with them at all. No turning colors, no reactions in my earlobes, just a bunch of good cheap earrings. If that is what you're looking for, this is a great choice, especially for the price.
good looking hat
Do what they need to and perform pretty well! I found them to be waterproof for at least an hour in most conditions but after too long they will eventually start to soak through. You get what you pay for and these are a reasonable price.
501 Jeans are a bit baggy now Thant hey were a decade ago. And they fade within a couple months after a few washings. Mine were made in Mexico. No more made in USA.
Really great cheap glasses I use for work. They hold to your face well and look far nicer than your typical 10$ glasses
This little round purse is adorable and exactly what I was looking for! The perfect accessory for my trip to Puerto Vallarta next month. The strap is too short for a crossbody though, even for my petite frame. But will go with all my outfits.
I highly recommend these hand bands. They stay in place on my head and are comfortable to wear. I will be purchasing more.
Nice belt. I should have gotten one size up from my normal wast size. Its fits and seems like good quality.
Nice-looking. Normal size. RFID security. It looks like it should last a long time.
Already had a few pairs of these and was excited to find them here. So comfortable.
Cancun trip
Cute, good value. Not 100% cotton, if thats important to you.
Good quality, shipping, order was a success. Happy with this product.
These are by far my favorite underwear. Loose enough for breathability but still not too baggy that they bunch up.
Cute bag, way too small!
Beautiful pendant
Like I said, everything fits as expected but zipper pulled 4 teeth on 1st day. Product is labeled as Levi's YKK zipper. I expected lower quality denim and a uncomfortable fit, but was pleasantly surprised.
Using this to protect athletic sunglasses in an equipment bag. They fit great.
Very nice quality.
2X was super large when it arrived. One wash and its still big and comfy. Some shrinkage, but not bad.
I love this set I got, except that after only wearing for a few weeks, the chain and charm have changed color, and one of the necklaces already broke.
Very comfortable