how to make a t-shirt quilt video

Perfect design, quality construction, beautiful leather. Love it.! Perfect!
The unicorn fronts came off from the posts within one week of wear for my daughter. Very cute, but very poor quality.
Very comfortable and cool. Living in Arizona a shirt like this really helps. Years ago I bought some golf shirts that also breathed very well. Fit's just slightly large. we'll see what happens after it's washed.
I bought these for my boys and they did not like them as much as I thought they would. They are a bit tighter than they anticipated, but seem to be good quality.
My feet always get sweaty and gross by the end of the day, no matter what shoes I wear. Doesn't matter if I'm sitting at a desk or walking around, my feet will be nasty. I decided to try looking online for socks that could help (have tried some from Target, etc - no luck). These were the first I tried and holy wow!! My feet were completely dry at the end of the day!! Plus these are super comfortable, and the tab on the heel is a great added bonus. It seems these have some sort of ventilation in them in addition to the copper feature, but they are still thick enough to keep my feet warm (but not too thick to be uncomfortable). I have washed these multiple times and they are holding up great. I bought a few other brands to test out, as these were on the spendier side at $10/3 pairs, but none of the others performed as well as these. I'm buying more and my feet are happy!!
Wow!! When can you get 6 pair for $7.50? On Black Friday Thats when!!! My son in law will love me for these!!!
I bought one for myself and I love it. My daughters seen it, they both wanted one, so I ordered 2 more. Now my granddaughters all want one. I'll order 3 more. I get so many compliments on how pretty my necklace is ! I'm so glad I got this one out of all the ones I looked at on line. Thank you for such a beautiful showcase for my son's ashes !
I purchased these and the Carhartt Men's 3 Pack All-Season Cotton Crew Work Sock, Gray, Large socks to compare and these won. I found them to fit better and offer better cushioning in the foot bed. This was done with the same pair of boots.
Decent hat.
I haven't had it for very long yet but it feels like a good long lasting wallet from what I can tell so far.
Love them
This bag is just what I ordered.
The color was wrong but quality is good and easy to carry on shoulder. Lots of pockets and easy closure.
Just great all way round
Bribe wife
Absolutely perfect! Just as pictured and great quails. Obsessed with it!
This wallet has lots of slots, but if you use them all it gets very tight, which makes it hard to pull cards out. I am using it, but I was hoping it would be better.
My order was expected to arrive on a Tuesday after guaranteed prime shipping. I was then told that it wouldn't arrive till Thursday, but even after that, it didn't arrive until Friday. The size was larger than I expected even though I ordered the size I normally wear.
I love this belt and buckcle system, after i broke it in, i noticed the edge of the belt would ride up and iratate my belly, so i cut the edges on a 45 degree angle, and reburnt the edges. my belly is nice and fine now
Because of excellent previous experiences with Dickies products, I ordered 12 pairs of these socks. I followed the instructions to turn them inside-out and launder before wearing. In spite of my shoe size (10 1/2) being within the specified range, they are far too large and baggy, and are just plain uncomfortable. For being a "quarter sock the are very long. The tops are a full 3 inches above my ankle. The first time I wore them I went for a 3 mile walk and couldn't wait to get home to take them off. My old worn-out quarter socks I was replacing are far more comfortable than these.
Love it
this sock has same padding on top and bottom which means it doesn't have enough padding on the bottom and doesn't have enough cooling on the top - but it's a cheap sock and you get what you pay for. the good news for me was that it fit my 10.5 size shoe foot pretty much exactly. i will wear these at home and for that and for my foot size it is worth the money. but if you want high quality socks for sport use this is probably not it. finally i had somebody with size 9 shoe foot try these on and they were too big for the person. so it's not really a size 6-12 shoe sock, but more like for shoe sizes 10 - 11. if you're in that foot size range and you want a decent, inexpensive sock - get it.
Nice colors. Fit is good. Only thing is that the hole in the front gapes open. Would buy again though
I like the bag just on the "corner" start to seems old just in 2 weeks :(
Gift for the wife for "traveling light" and she loved it. I think the material is nice - water resistant/proof - and (to me, a male) it's pretty stylish.
It was a tad bit wider around the waist than I thought but not too wide. It has a string you can pull to bring the waist in a bit making it fit perfectly, as well as it being just the right amount of loosness around the legs/thighs as to not be tight. I need these because I work outside and I'm really happy with how they feel!
My husband love it and he can leave his bulky wallet home now
Nice!! Nice!! Nice!! I wish it came in pink, but ... Nice!!!
Fits perfect
the shirt is made of very good material..however, it fits a tad small around the stomach.. other xxl shirts fit me fine
Breathable and great for very warm climates!