custom shoes for back pain

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This is a great idea for what we r all living in now. I took a few stars away because there is little room for glasses wearers and it is a bit too close to ones face and fogs up. But the design is clever. I wore on an airplane, with a mask wearing my glasses. I liked how I could snap it off when I got off the plane and had a ball cap still on. A few tweaks to the design and its a 5 star. I am reading about how soft the shield is. YES IT IS. It comes rolled up. I flattened it out under a book and in 24 hrs was flat and worked. I actually like it is soft. I rolled it up and slid into my luggage. When I store it I store it flat.
My daughters bf love it
great value
Was surprised how great this hat was because of the price. The cape is crazy long which is great for sunshade and it's held up well to being sprayed with bug spray.
My wife purchased for work. Fits true to size, comfortably. Medium too and bottom fit great.
It's complicated to set. You'll need the instructions to figure out all the settings. Don't lose them. My daughter somehow switched it to military time and set an alarm. It took me a while to figure out how to get it all back to it's original settings.
Tagless, fits well, Hanes quality made. Buy them.
I was worried these would be too short. I was only familiar with this brand because my daughters have always had this brand with their cheerleading. It turns out that they make a great mens short too. Perfect length, fit, and quality. I'll be purchasing more.
Perfect fit, great quality. Will buy again if I need t-shirts!
Very comfortable
Wore these on my two week trek in Vietnam (90-100 degree weather with lots of humidity). Hiked, shopped, swam, and these held up! I normally wear Nike Pro Compression shorts but for the price, these are worth the occasional "adjustment"!
Great fit and comfortable.
Love love this ring! Pretty design and it's fun seeing it change colors!
Loved all the pockets for cards!
Very strong. Buckle is hard to close
Light weight, silky feel
Last a long time and he says they're comfortable.
Nice bag. The gold tone hardware makes it look cheaper in my opinion. Love the extra bags. I keep my everyday items in the second to largest with the crossbody strap (strap could be longer) and my id and credit cards in the wristlet. My work items go in the bigger bag along with the crossbody and wristlet. Now I'm ready for anything lol. There was no smell to the bags and they arrived quickly and packed well. Next time I'll pick another color. The red looks a bit cheap.
Christmas Present! Can't wait to give it to them!
So cute
Love this. Added my miraculous medal to it.
Perfect hat!
I love this purse. I get so many compliments on it. It is made very well. Great quality. It is rather if you don't like big purses I wouldn't suggest this one.
Love them
This bag holds so much stuff while looking great. Ive used it for work conventions and vacations. The vegan (fake) leather is soft and hasnt rubbed off.
Price and material is a little thin
Cant get 35waist 34 to small 36 to big they will pull down and hurt hip what do you ge
Lightweight, good quality, look just like the picture. Made a beautiful addition to the navy dress that I wore to a wedding recently!