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I like it. It is nice and the price is reasonable.
Good size and many pockets. Wish sides were a bit firmer.
This is really cute.
Looks good quality.
The quality of the fabric is very poor. Even though it is supposed to be 90 percent cotton it feels completely synthetic.
Didn't fit properly.
I have been wearing this style of briefs for several years now, and really appreciated the comfort and style (although I preferred the gray shades that were previously available). While I have not been overly impressed with their durability, I simply had not found another brief I liked as well. This style seems to have gotten quite scarce in stores, so I'm wondering if it's been discontinued. Before purchasing this package at Amazon, I had looked at WalMart and was unable to find them, so I decided to try a package of "Life by Jockey" microfiber briefs off the shelf instead. The materiel itself on the Jockeys was actually more comfortable than these Hanes, but one day in the the first pair of Jockeys was one day too much for me. Unlike the Comfort Soft waistband of these Hanes, the Jockeys had a seam on the waistband, that although it had been covered with the tag, still dug in and left a red crease on my waist. The seams on the hips were only slightly less noticeable, and I quickly decided that I did not have the masochistic tendencies required to keep wearing them. I was relieved to find these on Amazon, but have been a bit disappointed as the material or sewing seems to have changed and they are scratchier than they used to be. I'm still wearing them, but will be reluctant to purchase more, as I now think that Fruit of the Looms with the regular waistband are every bit as comfortable.
It's so soft and fit is wonderful ordered several in other available colors! Fit is as expected, no clue why some others found it large. Size Large fits 34 to 36 waist size, if that helps.
Exactly what I wanted. Good fabric, washes well and holds shape.
These socks were perfect for my pilates class. They fit well and have great traction. perfect for my needs.
I really like the bracelets look so beautiful
Really nice
They are actual Hanes, not cheap ripoffs. They arrived new in original packaging. Standard white ankle socks.
Love love this purse. So many pockets and love that it comes with two different straps.
love it it is even nicer than I thought it would be
Look great
I've been wearing Levi's 505 Jean's for many years, and these are real Levi's, identical to the ones I've had for many years
very good tees love them fit grate well buy more
Nice, lightweight fabric allows breezes through and blocks harmfulrays
Son asked for this for high school tennis. It works well to keep the sun out of his eyes plus he thinks he looks cool. Whatever works I guess! I haven't tried washing it so don't know how much this white visor will stay white.
love it
Yep. I have worn, Nike, UA, Adidas, Hanes, even Bombas (which I do love) and every time socks are really just socks unless you want to pay like $20 a pair for great wool blend backpacking socks. The problem I always have is that I find socks are thin and stretch too much to fit my size 11 feet. I have bought a size up, doesn't help and generally ends up with bunching at the toe or heel. THESE SOCKS RULE!! Where have they been all my life? Perfect balance of thickness and quality in a nice well made sock (so far, in 4 washes) that has enough there to easily blanket my feet in luxury without the stretch factor! Great color ways too! Cant stand white or black socks, that's just me... I'm impressed, already bought more!
My 5 year old grandson was thrilled with the wallet. The change pocket was a definite plus for a little guy.
The sides are rolled higher than the picture shows. It is tougher to shape than I expected. Its a well made straw cowboy hat. Looks good and fits well. Wish they would have packed it better, box it came in was beat up and no packing in box. No real damage to the hat itself.
Little price, little quality.
I bought this for my son and he likes it very much.
It's so soft - I cant wait to tie dye it!
Great size and quality for the price. Super cute!