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Very pretty
Just as pictured! Very happy with my purchase.
Carhartt clothing is well made and holds up.
With larger screen phones, you cannot see all the notifications only the portions that show in the clear part of the phone. I have to take out the phone to see all messages. I'm still pleased with this purchase
I really disliked the product. It doesn't look anything like the picture. The words aren't as clear nor do the stones shine like they should. Be being that I bought it a a gift for someone else I couldn't return it
Scratchy quality
I purchased this short time ago, and had 2 major problems: 1) the cover is very poor quality, belt strip was torn after few uses, I started carrying it in my pocket, and finally dropped it the other day since it is a bulky one. Now my glasses is gone.. 2) it slips fwd due to sweat etc. and there is no way to adjust around the ear, so you have to keep pushing in it back to your face.
Fits until you wash it.
These socks are so nice. They keep their shape and the fit is perfect. I will order these again for my husband.
Perfect fit
Father-in-law blows his nose into these, works as expected to catch mucus.
This broke after just a few days of wear. It was very disappointing.
Too small, barely adequate, will try some other brand next time. Like the quality of gold toe but I wish they were as big as advertised.
Works great so far. Esspecially for the price. Plastic buckles are always a little ify but it came with an extra one per belt. I have had no problems with them so far though.
Nice item
I love the purse itself. So cute and the perfect size! But it is made from very cheap material and a part from the chain accessory had already fallen off within 3 days. But overall a great buy!
Love it
This sunglasses are very cool and nice, looks great, have a great quality and durability, looks like the picture published!
so adorably cute. I bought for my granddaughter. she loved so much i bought another one for her sister. so beautiful.
Fits a large noggin and didn't have to put the extender band in back to the last
Feels good and good value for the money
I love the bold color. Its not as big as I would like but I still like to carry everyday.
its just too big for me.
More convenient than masks that go behind the ears.
Nice fit amd they stay stucked
My boyfriend loved it!
It shrinks a little when it gets wet but that's good because it fits the hand better. Us Koreans know that you have to vigorously scrub to get those rolls of dead skin off. Highly recommended if you want authentic Korean scrub pads.
Best I have ever owned. Will be buying more
Its perfect...Love it
They do distort some colors. Yellows in particular were white in most cases. Blues, greens also. I did not purchase the polarized glasses and wished I had. These glasses just tint and do not stop or even reduce glare.