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Beautiful, small crossbody bag with a lot of pockets and compartments. A super stylish, hipster look with a very smooth and comfortable feel. The external pocket is particularly useful for those items you want to access without exposing the full content of the bag.
Nice looking belt that works well. I got tired of searching through the cheesy belts at walmart and took a chance on these. I haven't worn this style of belt in 30 years and now I'm not sure why. It's simple, looks good and works well. I like that it comes long so you can trim it to length. I wasn't sure I would like a belt with some stretch to it but it turned out to be a nice feature. The width is perfect for the belt loops in the jeans I wear and the buckle seems sturdy and holds it's position securely. The buckle is plain black with a slight texture and looks good. Overall I'm quite happy with this purchase.
Item was exceptionally small. I ordered a large and had a difficult time getting it on. I have a friend i gave it to. He is a medium. Color and material was fine. Bottom line the sizing of this garment is seriously flawed. I don't think a x-large would fit.
Love the bag - nice size and good quality ...the leopard print scarf was included.
Was looking for a slim wallet...this is not quite as slim as I wanted but it is satisfactory. The card pull tab works really well, the leather seems good quality. I store 7 credit card sized cards. You could probably store 9 cards at most.

Haven't used the cash clip yet, but it is spring weighted and seems that it would snap onto notes just fine.

Don't even bother trying to store coins, who carries coins any more these days anyway? I just throw them in the car and the kids snap them up.
These glasses were purchased for my daughter. She had a bad eye and I thought they would help her
drive at night. They did just that. She loves the glasses and they have helped her tremendously at night.
It makes her visibility much sharper. I am purchasing more pairs.
Love it!!
Love it. Perfect fet. I'll definitely be buying more.
Fit as expected.
hope it keeps out the rays
Perfect size, and room for a little bit of will need a separate change/cash purse as none of the pockets are suitable for that, in my opinion, as they're too deep and too tight for that.
I used this bag for about 3 months. It looks very nice and I wanted to love it. However there were not enough pockets for my use and the short straps are too short to comfortably throw over your shoulder. I had to use the long strap and then the short ones just flop around. The inside middle pocket is too low and flimsy and ends up just wadding up in the bottom and gets in the way. It ended up being a black hole because nothing would stay where I put it. I did love the look of it. The color is beautiful.
I initially thought there were too many CC slots, but between CC, medical/ insurance cards, and gift cards it works out great.
My only issue is that it gets a bit bulky when you put coins in the zippered pockets.
Perfect for a man or a woman. No ugly holes, that ruins a belt.
Daughter loves this!
Love it!
Great looking wallet. Exactly as I hoped it would look and feel
Very comfortable material. I came back for a second pack.
I love them. Very comfortable. Stops chaffing while hiking or exercise. Do I REAlly love them?!? Well I m stopping this review to go order more! (Seriously)
Fits way too tight! Not comfortable at all!
Colors are vivid. Great quality.
Great fast service. Perfection.
So cute! Got them for my fianc, who loves them. Would fully recommend.
This was a Birthday gift for my daughter and she absolutely loved it! So, I'm very happy with the purchase !
The bag came as described just not the size I needed for the biggest bag. So returned. I will say the inside felt kind of like paper and sounded like it too.
Perfect fit because you can adjust it
They definitely work. And it does look better to use these than to have a laid-flat collar on your shoulders.

For me, though, I often prefer just using some good collar stays without the magnets. The magnets keep the collar pinned up pretty tight to the shirt. A bit unnatural looking.
Shorts were super cute but they did run a little smaller than I expected. They are thin in the thighs so any boy with muscular legs will have trouble with these.