These do help with night driving. Very affordable too.
Luv it
Nice Socks
Comfortable and fit exactly how expected. They are a little thicker than my other brand socks but this works out to be a good thing in this case. Worth the money!
I bought these for my guy for sun protection while sailing. The brand he likes was back ordered, so I took a chance on these. He thought the fabric and fit were as good as his preferred shirt brand, and these saved me $10. A homer In!
The quality of these sunglasses are 100% awesome. The size fits perfectly with my face and would definitely recommend buying it.
Really like these socks
Fabric weight as expected. Not too light and not too heavy. I wear it alone.
Love how many cards it holds. My bag wa ms a mess before I purchased this.
My daughter is very happy to wear these! Cute patterns too.
Nice shirt for around the house.
The recover liked it
Love love love my purse, except it's kinda small but, fits everything I need just right.
I got these for my daughter, she loves them. They were perfect.
I have had this purse for about a month. Ive used it almost daily and it has my wallet, my sunglasses, and my work ID tag. Nothing crazy, like bricks.

Dont get me wrong, its a cute purse. It looks and feels nice, so I could overlook the strap thats so skinny it cut into my shoulder all the time. But heyIm just wearing it when Im going to and from work, I can handle that.

And then today, I noticed a loose thread on the top seam. I went to investigate, and the entire seam has come apart. I mean, I get its an inexpensive purse, but a MONTH of (not overweighted or extreme) use? Come on.
Bought this wallet for my 15 yr old son. He is very happy with it. This wallet fits the description perfectly.
Perfect for my 6 year son in size 13c, I was hesitant on what size to get but they fit perfect.
Not what I Expected.
The cards get stuck , very difficult to take out when shopping.
Excellent! Helps her tell time
Nice style.
Second time I bought
Was disappointed in this item. I had bought this before and loved it. So I thought I'd get it in a new color. Unfortunately, it is not the same. Handle is over 2 inches shorter, made completely different. Materials are not as nice and zippers are cheap. I'll continue to buy vera Bradley but am very disappointed in this handbag.
Bought this gift for my girlfriend and she loved it.
Love this bag! This is a wonderful brand they even gave me a cute bookmark. I love the bag and scarf!!
Great product
So far, the glasses are great. Outstanding packaging as well.
Just what I wanted. It is a replacement for one that I had before. This is great and the fit perfect. NICE! Thanks
These were terrible. Pilled up and looked awful after 2 washes. Do not buy these, they'll be in the trash after a couple of wears.
Love it. Keeps the scrunchie off my daughters wrist