so good - I bought another pair
I purchased this necklace for my mother in law... she loves it!
Love the look and the glasses are great, for the pice they are made really well and fit well too. It comes with a bag and hard case which I like becasue I coule keep it in my car's glove box and not worry about it getting smashed. Great purchase !!!
I use to wear the original and they finally got too lose. I ended up trying these and went with the medium- man I love how snug everything feels! Running now holds all my man parts in place and I dont have any adjusting to do or any chaffing! VERY GOOD!
I love these necklaces they are very pretty! But one of them came apart at the clasp. It was easily fixed though
I've owned many Levi's jeans over the past 35 years, but these 550 "relaxed fits" are the most mis-fit I've owned... well really I don't own them because after the initial try on they were put back into the package to return. These jeans were too tight at the waist. I own 4 pair of jeans all the same 36 x 34 and all fit great. These Levi's felt like 34 x 34. So I'll try the 38 x 34 to see how they fit. Otherwise, I'll drop from the Levi's brand and look elsewhere.
They look cool, but they arrived blemished and scratched on the outside.
Looks a little bit on the feminine side but overall good sunglasses for the price. Would not recommend for people who have a side face
nice and heavy shirts. Run a tad too big, but not enough to purchase larger size
Hat fits to loose... dont like..
They are too tight that elastic around the instep has got to go
Perfect design for my boyfriend he like the trifold wallets and the leather looks and feels like really good quality. It was a perfect birthday present to replace his old tearing wallet. They even added a cute hand written notes thanking us for the business which I adore when a company does. Go with this one! You wont regret it!
Excellent quality undershirts at a reasonable price! A must have.
Those sweatpants were Made to be a parachute
Lightweight and flexible. I like the extra room in the front. Very awesome
Great value. Buying a second pair to have on hand in second car.
I absolutely love this bag. It's exactly what I needed to downgrade from my larger bag. I use it to carry all my necessities. Wallet, glasses, makeup and small notebook. The construction is beautiful and can be used as a crossbody or shoulder strap. The straps are comfortable and perfect height. This would make a wonderful gift for any woman.
Love them. I wear them in my third hole. They match a pair I wear in my first hole that are larger.
Bought these for my 6'3" son, he's very happy with them. Says it feels weird having a tshirt actually "fit" him!
Product arrived right on time in a quality box suitable for gifting. Opened the box, assembling the belt was a no brainer. I have worn the belt on many occasions and as of today it works fine. I would highly recommend this company and the belt to anyone.
Compact, lightweight, 20+ places for ID, credit cards, store saver cards, gas cards, ATM . cardsicense, Insurance Card ... Roomy enough to hold Phone, large spots for cash, receipts & coins. Husband uses his for business cards, pilot license, bus. Cards from others, expense receipts and small log book and holds cell phone during flights, black leather does not look like a woman's wallet/purse.
Lowest quality Jean Availbale, material is very thin, sticking is off and the cut is just a strange shape, go with LEE or Wrangler.
I wear it over other sweat shirts and layers. Works fine for me
My Husband loved his wallet
Overall the product is great, I expected the lenses to be dark blue like in the picture and I got light blue, although they are good, the wood (frame) feels like painted plastic as it feels pretty hollow,it could be just me but it is comfortable and I like the magnet mechanism which it closes from certain distance automatically
Great color
I have a few pairs of Wranglers of similar price and the same size that are a bit more stiff and heavy. I had the Wranglers for about a year and they're getting little holes at some of the corners of pockets and fly. Since they were a little uncomfortable anyway, I thought I'd try these signature jeans in the same price range and wish I'd found them before or they'd been there to find before. They're regular fit, not loose or relaxed, but just as comfortable. These and the Wranglers were true to size on the waist and inseam measurements, but these signature jeans give just a little more slack around the thighs, knees, and crotch. I only meant to try them on before washing, but now I don't want to put the Wranglers back on... ever.

Note: I just tried them on out of the package and haven't washed them yet, but I'll update this if they shrink a lot or fall apart in the wash. For this price, I sense they might pick up some visible wear and tear in a year or two, but for this price I'm fine with that.
I got it as a gift for my boyfriend, and he loves it!
He got a large and says it fits perfect.
Good quality hats but order the 12 pack and when I opened it there is only 11 in the pack.
Not sure what to make of it.
So I would recommend the hat as long as you get what you order.