To small
Sunglasses arrived in some over the top packaging that made them seem much more fancy than they are. When you actually dig through all the plastic, unzip the cloth case, and remove all the stickers just to try them on to find that.....they're so bent they won't even fit on your face. The temples have been bent so far backwards that the bridge won't even sit on your face. It's embarrassing how cheap these sunglasses are made. I didn't expect much for $13, but I was somehow blown away with disappointment.
Nice a light feeling and the price is great
Hard to set up but my son loves it.
Loved it
I,m a happy well satisfied Wrangler customer. Great source of quality shorts and jeans.
They were cheap, but you get what you pay for. After 2 weeks, 40% of them failed (broke).
Its beautiful and seems very sturdy. It fits perfect in my purse.
I would 100% buy another item from this seller. The necklace is gorgeous but it was the packaging that surprised me. Its beautiful packaging, very well thought out, I even got a little gift bag n tissue paper to wrap the gift in. Excellent all the way around.
I bought this bag in October to take on an international trip scheduled for next month. I just took it out of the shipping box to start packing, and the zipper broke with the first use. Very disappointing! I know I am beyond the return window, but I am still very disappointed in the quality and the fact that now I'm stuck with it!
Zipper quality is very poor!
I should have checked it right away!
cute swim suit but sizing is small....I ordered an XL thinking that would be comparable to a Target girls XL (14/16) well I was wrong apparently an amazon basics XL in s a 12! THATS CRAZY. SHE SQUUEZED INTO IT BUT THE TOP WAS TOO UNCOMFORTABLE BOTTOMS FIT NICE BUT YA HOPEFULLY THIS HELPS SOMEONE.
It was a great product. Husband loved it and wears it all the time now!
Broke with in one week
Love my new hat!
I like it very much. I am using it when I carry my tablet and headset with me. Nice size and not to heavy.
I ordered a small and it's still quite big on me, but I like the shirt.
I love, love this purse. There is so much room. The style is perfect. I just love big purses. My mother always carried big purses and my brother and sisters would always tease her about how big her purse was. But here I am carrying big purses. Lol!!!
Love them
Excellent gift
Love it. So far it's a good work belt, and looks pretty snazzy as an every day belt too. Is it worth $35.00? Not sure yet. We'll see how it holds up. Is it worth the $25.00 I got for it at discount with another order? Oh hells yeah.
Great for work
Quite pleased with this wallet, waited two months of usage to review and still going strong. Keeps everything organized, multitude of slots and yet does not bulk up your purse.
It's been almost half year that I've carried this around and still loving it! Purchased one (purple) for a family member. Seems to be a different material, even more durable I presume. Either way they are both great and I highly recommend this wallet for anyone out there look for style and organization!
Does NOT look like the picture. It's a cute enough bracelet. The gem is much smaller. And really does not look like one pictured
"Very good quality. Gold Toe reinforced area stays in place across the tops of the toes. Wide enough with just enough elasticity to slide them on easily without stress on any arthritic fingers. " These are my husband's exact words as he tried the Gold Toe socks on for the first time. He is a very happy camper. He wants more colors immediately!
carries a good amount of cards, material is good. very minimalist
I have worn the same size Levi 501 jeans for over 50 years! So yes I do like these jeans. I just bought 2 more pairs & they fit great especially is you have a slim build. One pair was defective as left front pocket was incorrectly sewn. Amazon replaced them right away.
I ordered Large but they were way to small.