custom polo shirts with embroidered logo

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The Purple Drank Nike Air Force 1. 

Custom Key Features: 

1. Professionally painted swoosh. 

2. Professionally painted side toebox panel. 

3. Handmade in the USA. 

Base shoe is included. Please allow 3-5 weeks to be completed and shipped out to you. This is subject to change due to the volume of orders. custom polo shirts with embroidered logoAny questions, please contact us.

fit good, dry fast
Great size and holds my cards and ID perfectly.
My nephew loved it.
Good glasses. I would recommend to everyone
Socks stayed in place and did not bunch up. They are also very lightweight.
Excellent product
I live the wallet!! And the delivery was quick!!
I like the clip because of it's light weight and strength plus it was reasonable in price
Zipper was broken on arrival
This is the third pair that had a belt loop pull off within a few months of wearing. A definite flaw.
I think it is great quality fits well and is durable doesnt shrink either.
I wasn't sure I was going to like these because I usually wear baggy sweat pants.
I was worried that a tighter fit would look funny... but these are actually awesome.
I have 2 pairs, wear them frequently, and have never had a problem with the quality.
happy purchase
I purchased the first pair in Jan this year.
Last week I found the length adjustment clip on the left side had fallen off.
Upon inspection I discovered that the clip is held together by two prongs that protrude from holes In the lower clip half.
These prongs barely protrude from the mating part which appear to be bent to capture the mating prongs.
One of the bends was not 90 degrees which could have contributed to
the early failure.
If so better inspection is used after attachment customer problems could be avoided.
They feel cushioned, feel like they will last I like them
Kept my son warm
Comfortable wear :)
Fits great! Nice and warm
Fit and feel
very good
I'm on my 3rd pair. They always seem to break on the upper eyepiece. I really do like them, for $12. The hinges are really tight, so they don't flop around or fall when I hold them in my shirts.
Love how my son can carry this in his wallet to always remember me by.
Dog chewed up my brothers wallet so i got him another Alpine Swiss RFID wallet he loves it so it was a no brainier what to give him this year for his birthday.

P.S Please make the next version of your wallets dog proof thank you lol
Love it! Cute and practical!
If its good enough for Jussie Smollett to fake hate crimes against himself, its good enough for me!
F***ing awesome
A little cold water goes along ways do not wait until you are already too hot then throw this on it a bit of a sock. But using at a standard pace dunk it every 45 min your good to go I was using it in 117f
Simply an amazing belt. I really like the natural brown colour. On thing to note as well is the leather wrapped at the buckle which prevents the belt to get loose when wearing.