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Ive been wearing them for a few months now. They are good quality and comfortable.
Excellent quality for the price.. plenty of room inside.. i have no complaints. Will definitely buy again in the future
Very soft
Fit as expected.
They fit ok but I dont actually think they're 100% cotton like it says.
These Ray-Ban "Chromance" blue lens wrap-around sunglasses are very comfortable, cover a wide range of vision (e.g. block light from the sides), and are very attractive looking. The quality of the lenses is top notch with zero visible aberrations or distortion.These replaced my 10-year-old Oakley's which has more of an amber lens.

It's worth noting that, due to the coating/tinting of these blueish lenses, that they mute blues and greens, and enhance yellows. In general (although not always), the observed color of the lens is the color most BLOCKED as light passes through to your eyes. This is by no means a problem -- in fact, some would argue that higher frequency blue light is the most dangerous for your eyes -- but was a bit of a surprise to me when I first put them on. To be honest, I initially fell in love with the Oakley's because they *enhanced* blue tones. We have three blue vehicles, and at the time, the blue/white Viper looked AWESOME when viewed through dark amber lenses.

In summary, these are high quality sunglasses, and while Ray-Ban has been slowly inching up in price over the past few years, they are well worth the $100 I paid (although not necessarily worth the MSRP of $200).
Love it would highly recommend
These fall off my face and I every pair of sunglasses that I have bought off the rack fit me fine. These are larger frames. I wish I could find a pair that fir women as they are modeled after Janis Joplin's style.
My daughter loves this ring still has it and hasn't changed color or anything very danty and pretty. Always get told it looks like one of the Disney Princess rings.
Hubby lo ed the lenght. White .Not aso called white. For the money well worth . I washed and believe this , No shrinks. I know hard to believe that. But truth. And women no wrinkles. Cant beat price. Will tell you not the finest but for price material id soft and fits better then some of the expensive ones I bought for him . I order because he likes his to stayed tucked in and these sure do the that. I ordered lg. He is tall and slender.
Bought several pairs for my son. Very comfortable and light weight. He is very happy with them.
This shirt is everything you would expect from a Columbia fishing shirt. The sleeve tabs work well. The pockets are nioce and the flaps secure. The ventilate back and fabric keep you cool without letting UV turn you red.
It's a shirt and it fits, not much more to say. Not the softest, not rough I guess
great wallet, the best i have
The best headband! I was given one of these bands by a co-worker. I have never been able to handle wearing a sweatband before. While trying the temple tape I forgot I had it on. It is great. Keeps sweat out of my eyes. Makes my hot sticky day at work easier to deal with.
Really pretty wallet- peacock is really more emerald green however!
Bought these for my 9 year old and she absolutely loves them!
I bought these for my granddaughter for Christmas. She is just recently potty trained and really loves her big-girl panties.
Awesome price and product!!!
Looked like a great deal for this model, but they were used. They had a scratch on the lens and they were missing some of the factory packaging. Very disappointed
Great value and they are great in the bright sun.
I bought these with some other brands as part of a birthday package for my athletic son. He was so pleased with these he asked for an other pair.
But then, he loves everything ADIDAS!
These are my new go to sleeping/lazy lounging shorts. They are soft and comfortable. I wear them on most nights to bed and so far have not seen any issue with the material and no problems in the wash.
Good socks, but not as large as I expected for size 16
Updating my original review. These pants have only been worn 6 times and washed twice using gentle, organic detergent, Yet there are already holes from wearing out in the crotch area. I highly doubt that these are legit pants. BEWARE. They feel thin and almost tissue soft in areas and ripped easily. Real Levis last forever. I bought these in January and hardly used them because I had other pairs. I was actually thinking of buying another pair until I noticed these had holes from the slightest wear. DO NOT BUY.

Contact Levis and offer to send it to them. The website for Levis says it warranties its jeans for 2 years. If these are not authentic Levis will provide you a paper and you can then contact Amazon and demand a refund. Even after the 30 days.
Perfect wallet for my husband. He loves the ease of the pull out for license and card removal. Just wish I could have found one with Auburn University on it.
These are terrible. They are thin and cause my husbands feet to sweat in his waterproof work boots causing his feet to stink. No other sock he has used in the past has done that. Going back to Gilden.