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Super cute
I liked this item. Its not the day all end all but it definitely works for whats it needed for. I more of minimalist with my wallet now. I like it
Super cute, just what I needed for running around! Love something thats not bulky or heavy for a crossbody and this one is perfect! I love them when Im shopping because I tend to wander off from my buggy.
Gave one to my daughter and its like the show was made about us!!
This bag is so great!!! Perfect amount of room, very fashionable and the color is everything!!!!
I'm 5' 8" very tall and slender but large in the butt area. This pants fit perfect, just a little high water when I go to bend down but that's expected. The top seemed to engulf me but I can't complain. Idle this brand I just wish they would have options for different size tops and bottoms. So I could get a small bottom and XS top
For the price, these shorts are a great bargain. Fit is okay, length is good. Would recommend these shorts .
Love all their hoodies. Wish the black would be stocked more often. The inside is very very soft. The zipper is great quality. It stays in the spot you put it. And it matches the hoodie. Great deal for the price.
Muy til
Great product with an Outstanding price! Fast shipping. Overall great seller...
They arrived on time and they are just as described, they work great.
Fits my pocket just fine. Enough slots for my cards. Was able to double up some of them.
Comfortable; they don't slide off your feet. If you're around a size 10 the sock will show on a regular boat shoe, but it's a nice fabric and nice colors so I don't mind.
La tela me gusta
Great belt, fits well and I like that it comes with a punch
I have other games underwear that are large and they fit so much better. Maybe cause they are older?
Best damn socks I've ever owned.
Love it! Durable feels like a good quality product and looks stylish
My nieces loved their gifts. They especially liked them because a black princess was featured on the watch, and they are black.
Love this wallet!! I wanted something durable that can hold a large amount of cards and ids, and flexible to carry large amounts of cash. Working in the restaurant industry, you get paid in a lot of $1 bills! Anyway, I got exactly what I wanted!!
It's ok
Fit good looks good
I bought this for a trip to NYC and it was perfect. I love all of the room this crossbody has!!
There are very comfortable but the tear easily. I had have two
Pairs already get holes in them in less than a month. They could work on improving the quality
I order two T-shirts of same design and size in two diff colors, one of them fits OK but the other one in Blue color shows the same size as M but when checked it is almost a XL sized T-shirt. I was disappointed and returned this item, I won't recommend this item or seller to anyone in future, this shows the quality of work in labelling the correct sizes.
I instantly loved that these were so stylish looking, but the comfort and the fact that they protect my eyes from the sun puts them at a solid 5*****! Love that all of this is wrapped up in an affordable package!
Fit is fine for underwear shirt
Nice wallet!
This was a gift or my granddaughter, she loved it!