womens custom shoes vans

Question: Who are we? 

Answer: We are the #1 marketplace for custom made products.

Question: How much for a custom? 

Answer: For a personalized custom, pricing starts at $200 or more plus return shipping for the work ONLY. If you wish for us to provide the shoe you must cover the additional cost of the shoe. 

Question: Where are you guys located?

Answer: We do not have a brick and mortar store just yet. We are solely based online right now.

Question: How long does it for me to receive my personalized sneakers? 

Answer: All personal customs privately discussed with us take anywhere from 4-6 weeks. This may change due to the type of design. 

Question: Are your products authentic? 

Answer: Yes, all the base sneakers used for customs are authentic products. All our clothing are authentic as well. All cut and sew products like our keychains and watch bands are made from authentic material. However, all regular accessories that are for sale are not.

Question: Do you guys customize shoes? 

Answer: Yes, we offer customs via our website & personalized orders. For personalized orders please email us depotpromos@gmail.com.

Question: Do you guys accept personal custom requests? 

Answer: Absolutely! Shoot us an email at depotpromos@gmail.com. Please be as descriptive as possible when inquiring about a personalized custom. This only speeds up the process. Please be aware that custom prices start at $200 or more plus shipping. The greater the detail the higher the price will be. 

Question: Why are the customs so expensive? 

Answer: They are all handmade and take numerous hours to prepare, paint and seal so that you get a quality piece of art. 

Question: I placed an order, how long will it take to create and ship out my order? 

Answer: Each item has a different time frame stated in the description. Each time frame is subject to change depending on who is supplying the order of your purchase. 

Question: Which shipping service do you use? 

Answer: All orders will be shipped via USPS. Any item over $750 will require a signature confirmation. No acceptions. 

Question: How long will my customs last?

Answer: All customs are prepared, painted and sealed with this in mind. However, numerous factors can and will alter your result of the lifespan of your custom. Please see our purchase disclaimer before ordering.

Question: My order is taking a while to ship, what is the problem?

Answer: Each product on our website is supplied either by us or a third party supplier. These suppliers may have a previous high volume of orders so please be patient. If you have any questions please email us depotpromos@gmail.com.

Question: Do you guys ship internationally? 

Answer: Yes we do! However, please be aware there may be an import tariff for when you receive your purchase in the mail. This is an EXTRA charge that is not included in the purchase of your product or the shipping. 

Question: I've seen a photo on another page's profile that is on your website. Why is it on your website? 

Answer: We are a marketplace built for custom artists. Most of the customs on our website are from other artists. However, we have received clearance from the artist to use their photo as well they will be the ones creating the custom you have ordered.   

Question: I paid for faster shipping why hasn't my item been shipped yet? 

Answer: Paying for express shipping only makes your order come to you faster when the item is shipped. The shipping time is separate from the processing time that is stated in the description to make your order. 

Question: Are prices negotiable? 

Answer: Unfortunately, all prices are NON-NEGOTIABLE. 

Question: Are returns accepted? 

Answer: Unfortunately, all sales are final. 

Question: Do we offer custom-made products other than sneakers, like cleats? 

Answer: Absolutely, if it isn't on our website please email us with a detailed description of what you would like done at depotpromos@gmail.com. 

Question: Do we have a customer support phone number?

Answer: Unfortunately, we do not have one at this time. 

Question: Are you guys a corporation? 

Answer: Yes we are! 

Question: How do I get featured on Customizer Depot's Instagram? 

Answer: If you are interested in being featured, please e-mail us at depotpromos@gmail.com but please be aware features are not free. 

Question: Do you guys do sponsorships? If so what are your requirements? 

Answer: We don't exactly do sponsorships, however, we do love working with influencers and sending them some cool stuff in exchange to help promote our brand. To work with us as an influencer, we require a minimum of 100,000 followers on at least one platform.  

nice product good buy
They fit great with lots of room. I was concerned but they are just like they always fit. Glad I went with them. Going to get two more so I`'ll have plenty.
Loved this set! So cute! Perfect sizes and good quality.
These are among the most comfortable socks I have ever owned.
I've purchased these socks before, for my wife, and in the past I got them at "Wally World". The problem is that our local "Wally World" is always out of stock in the size that we need and like other things they have raised their prices tremendously. When I found these on Amazon, I couldn't pass them up. They were not only in stock but much less expensive than "Wally World" and we didn't have to fight the crowd at the store. This is either the second or third time I've purchased these particular socks for my wife and she is very happy with them. In my wife's line of work, she wears a dress tennis or athletic type shoe and she is on her feet a lot, so these socks get a work out every day. She says they are very comfortable and they hold their shape well. We would recommend these to others who are looking for not only a good value, but a very comfortable athletic sock.
Waistline hem undone first wash. Ball of thread in machine & shirt front curls out & up. Cant fix & I dont sew. Not the quality Ive come to expect from Gildan.
I ordered from this brand before and it fit perfectly. This time I ordered the same size but this actually seems a little smaller than my first one
Fits perfect, wonderful quality, and the colors are even more vivid and bright in person! Love it!
Wonderful organizational handbag.
I ordered this cause I can't always look at my phone for the time and I have thin arms and I like things with lights. The adult ones with lights are only for men and too big. The watch came preset but I like my time to be a min ahead at least. It was quite difficult to set the time but I eventually got it. I love this watch even though it was a bit complicated setting time. Also kids stuff have more reasonable pricing
Attractive and useful pockets.
I was surprised by the quality. Very nice. Quality lens.
The color and strong material
I expected a little better quality, the first thing that happened was the inside zipper broke and will close. It is a good size for every day use.
Incredibly comfortable, light and breathable fabric
The socks runs a little small after wash.
I bought for work pants. Unfortunately they are too hot to work in. But I think they will be good for casual wear.
Would prefer they go higher up the leg.
This necklace was the perfect gift for my mother in law. My daughter and her always say I love you to the moon and back. So when we saw this necklace we knew it would be the perfect gift for her birthday from my daughter. The quality is nice and it really is a beautiful necklace.
I generally only wear darn tough socks these days. They usually fit a bit small so keep that in mind. I wear a 9.5-10 men's shoe and the large usually fits great. Most people don't understand wool socks until they've actually used them. They are pricey, but you really only need a few pairs. I can wear a pair of these socks for a week and they don't smell bad. They are very durable. The pair I'm wearing now I've had for about 6 months and they look brand new. They've seen day to day use, as well as been along on day hikes. Darn tough also had a great warranty and will take care of you if you somehow have an issue with their product. Best socks ever.
I wanted a small bag that I could take to Disney land to carry my thing and it's perfect. I can fit my phone, charger , water bottle , and snacks if I wanted too Very happy
Material doesnt last long, had it a couple months and thread was allready coming apart inside and out side on seems
Perfect for me!
Me queda chica
Takes a little more time to feed the strap through the buckle every time I run it through the belt loops on my pants. However, the quick release is handy when I need to open up my pants in a hurry. Cool, looks very tactical.
Just what I wanted
To my face they were excellent! Thank you, good job!
This was a gift for a coworker and she loves it
Broke the 2nd day
Very comfy compared to my old work socks. Also help keep my feet dryer than my 100% cotton ever did.