designer womens shoes wide width

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so far so good
As advertised, very nice workmanship.
Love it
Little big
The te
Too small
I use this for my credit cards, gift cards and rewards cards. I can get them all in this one holder. Much better than having them scattered throughout my pocketbook. I also had a nice choice of colors. I chose red so I can find it easily! Love it.
Bar none the best boxers made. I have a pair that is 5 years old and still feels new, after serious usage. I bring them backpacking, on trips, and wear around town. they are somewhat weighty, so they hang loosely as opposed to riding up. they are quick drying and never feel sweat soaked. The price is high, but when you consider their longevity, this is a no brainer. Buy them.
I have bought this product 2 times in the past year. Each time I bought 2 packages of 5. That comes to 10 pairs for each purchase. Of the 20 pairs of Gildan Men's Covered Waistband Boxer Brief I have purchased, I have thrown out 10 pairs. The ten I have kept fit perfectly. The other 10 pair fit fine in front but only go up my backside about 1/2 to 2/3 of my butt crack. The orders were all for the same size and the massive fit variation is even from the same packages. At about $15 per 5 pack, i guess it is still a good deal even though you have to throw out 50% of them. A better deal would be if they all fit the same!
My daughter loves it!
They did not shrink when washed and were long enough to tuck in. Very confortable.
Retro in look and feel. Nice and heavy, not something I will loose easily!
Good fit
Its a nice bright red, thick, and fits well!
Like the fact that they have different sizes as one size does not fit all. So far no issues.
Fits perfectly Great Great Great
This was perfect for my 4 year old, great quality.
I bought two of these back in February for a friend and I. He was using a Ridge wallet and I was using a leather bi-fold. My wallet was absolutely trashed, but more importantly, thick and bulky. His wallet had cracked (just the plastic front piece, still structurally solid) and the elastic bands were worn out.

We both wanted slim wallets that we could fit in our front pockets. I have always carried my wallet in my rear pocket, but it was starting to cause back pain. My buddy kept his in his front pocket, but he had so many cards that it was uncomfortable.

After 5 months, we are both still very satisfied. First off, this wallet will make you cut down on the amount of unnecessary cards you carry. I had membership cards and gift cards that were years old, needless to say, I had no reason to have been carrying them for years. After throwing away more than 10 cards, I'm down to about 6.

At first, the pockets are TIGHT. After a couple weeks, it breaks in slightly and is much more useable. After the initial break in however, they have stayed the same, i.e. not overly loose, no cards fall out. I keep 1-2 cards in each outside pocket and 2 spare vehicle keys in the center pocket, a few bills if I happen to have cash.

The size is pretty much perfect for a front pocket wallet. I wear slim fit skinny jeans and the printing is about as minimal as can be expected. A small trade-off for greatly increased comfort versus sitting on a thick later wallet all day.

After 5 months it is holding up wonderfully. No loose seams, no fraying, no looseness of the pockets. I would absolutely recommend this, especially at this price. You can spend more, but you won't get more for your money unless you need a formal wallet, or business wallet etc. For a casual wallet, it's perfect.
Love mine
I've already had great feedback about this backpack purse. The checker at the grocery store loved the color and style. My co-workers have been asking where I purchased it. I really like that I can grab it and throw it on my back and go (super comfy), but what I love most if that the zipper is against my back. I don't feel like anyone can take anything without me knowing. I will be purchasing other colors.
Great wallet
Very classy, slim and holds over 6 credit cards without bulging!
Perfect for me, it's small but can fit so much and lays just right on my body. The quality seems to be good too, no issues with the zippers either. I love it so much that I'm going to buy another one for a friend!
Fast shipping great item thanks
Hi all, I usually buy Hanes or Fruit of the Loom for my kiddos' undies. I bought these a size bigger than what my daughter normally wears, thinking that they'd have some room for her to grown in. I'm not sure if it's more about the cut/style of the underwear or the sizing itself. But I know that they fit her just right at this moment, maybe a bit more snug at times? I'd recommend getting another size up for sure. Otherwise I enjoy the products and am happy with the quality of the product. Thanks!
They fit perfect on my bolle sunglasses
Everything OK without problems. Very good product.
Very comfortable fit as expected totally recommend them
Comfortable. Just as described. Nice shirt
These fit a bit tighter than the ones I got at Wal-Mart, but they have an extra pocket. As another reviewer mentioned, the cargo pockets are difficult to zip-up unless you use both hands. If they want a 5-star review, put a drawstring on both pockets like the Wal-Mart style shorts and keep the dual pockets.

That said, they are well worth the price and keep cool very well.